Summer Intern Helps Residents Navigate Health Care

This summer, Joseph’s Home is fortunate to host another John Carroll University student through the Advocacy, Solidarity, and Social Change Internships program provided by the John Carroll University Center for Service and Social Action. The Advocacy, Solidarity, and Social Change Internships enable students to explore what it means to engage in advocacy at non-profit organizations through advocacy, solidarity and social change. This 10-week immersive experience connects hands-on experience with an exploration of the root causes of the social issues host organizations, like Joseph’s Home, confront.

Moira Anderson was paired with Joseph’s Home for the summer and is a fantastic addition to our team. Moira is a rising senior majoring in Cell and Molecular Biology and Pre-Med and minoring in Spanish and Public Health. In addition to her rigorous academic focus, Moira is involved in Campus Ministry, a member of the Honors Program, a member of the Cross Country and Track team, works a job on campus, and volunteers with Rainbow Connects at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital.

Moira has been working closely with Joseph’s Home Respite Care Manager Raven Kauffman and Community Health Worker Carrie Hetsler to learn about barriers the homeless population faces in terms of health and housing. Moira attends medical appointments with residents, takes residents’ vitals, completes medication compliance reports and delivery, helps residents understand their medications, coordinates medical appointments and prescriptions with residents, and is conducting a research project about medication compliance in medical respite facility in comparison to tradition shelters.

Moira has had quite a bit of time to socialize with our residents and to learn more about their backgrounds. “I’ve learned a lot about the barriers that the men we serve are facing – their medications, their health care. When you’re not familiar with health care, it is really hard to balance it all,” said Moira.

“Moira is doing a terrific job thus far. She is a quick learner and is eager to get to know more about the guys.” – Raven Kauffman, Joseph’s Home Respite Care Manager

Moira has just applied for medical school to begin in Fall 2022. She is not sure what type of medicine she would like to practice but hopes to incorporate her interest in public health in her career. Moira’s experience at Joseph’s Home has exposed her to a population that she has learned much about and is interested in serving later in her career.

“Working at Joseph’s Home has opened my eyes to see how challenging it is for a lot of patients. I definitely want to bring this experience into my medical education and career,” said Moira.

Thank you, John Carroll University Center for Service and Social Action, for providing the opportunity to host one of John Carroll University’s bright students. The support and positive energy that Moira brings is incredibly appreciated by our staff and residents.

Tune into the Center for Service and Social Action’s social media (@jcu_cssa) next week for a social media takeover hosted by Moira from Joseph’s Home. She will give an inside look into her internship and the day-to-day work she has been doing for Joseph’s Home!