Joseph & Mary’s Home Strategic Plan

June 30, 2019 to December 31, 2022

Proposal to extend to 9/30/2023 via Board resolution. Updates as of 6/30/2023.

This strategic plan is the framework to determine how best to continue our positive impact on the lives of homeless individuals we serve both in residence and in the community.

The Board of Directors will use this plan to guide our efforts to ensure sustainability of our mission and efficiency of our resources well into the future.

Goal 1: Develop our public relations campaign to increase community awareness with key metric of media exposure

1.1 Developing a toolkit for directors to use in giving once/quarter tours to potential donors. Schedule of monthly tours. (Completed)

1.2 Pitch at least one story per month to targeted news outlets. (Completed)

1.3 Create a list of community contacts to pursue and then increase awareness to these new targets. (Completed and ongoing)

1.4 Add a social media segment to each monthly meeting agenda. (Completed)

Goal 2: Diversify funding sources to decrease concentration on any one source

2.1 Oversee the development, funding, and implementing of a system to obtain Medicaid revenues. (Partially completed)

2.2 Explore and direct pilot for Hospital funding of our medical respite program operations particularly from those organizations with high referrals. (Completed)

2.3 Identify specific strategies for the expansion and diversification of JH’s existing donor base. (Partially completed and ongoing)

Goal 3: Expand services to meet the unmet needs of women

3.1 Oversee the location selection and renovation of a medical respite facility for women. (Completed)

3.1a Evaluate renovation budget for expanded services for women. (Completed)

3.1b Evaluate staff capacity and structure for expanded services to women. (Completed)

3.1c Evaluate operating budgets for expanded services for women. (Completed)

3.1d Evaluate readiness for capital and fundraising campaigns. (Completed)

3.2 Direct the integrated healthcare/medical respite care programs for homeless women similar to JH. (Completed)

3.3 Ensure we have developed collaboration with hospitals and external stake holders for meeting needs of homeless women with acute illness. (Completed)

3.4 Evaluate Development Business Plan (Completed)

Goal 4: Recruit board members who help JH achieve strategic goals

4.1 Develop checklist/scorecard to assist in evaluating desired traits and strengths for ideal board candidates. (Completed)

4.2 Develop marketing package for recruiting board members. Includes info on JH, board expectations, board agreement, and candidate checklist and appropriate size of the board. (Completed)

4.3 Identify corporations and organizations who are referral sources. Maintain contact with primary contact at each. (Completed and ongoing)

4.4 Develop and maintain a pipeline list of at least two potential new director candidates. (Completed)

4.5 Develop a succession plan for committee chairs & board officers (Completed)

Goal 5: Expand services to meet unmet needs of the community for men

5.1 Ongoing review of quality data to ensure that programs reviewed and implemented are data-driven and ensure high quality outcomes. (Partially completed and ongoing)

5.2 Revise, expand, or create new programs and services to address our resident and alumni needs. (Partially completed and ongoing)

5.3 Evaluate our capacity, to include internal and external providers and volunteers, to determine our ability to effectively carry out the programming and initiatives aligned with the strategic goal of the organization. (Partially completed and ongoing)

5.4 Keep informed of trends impacting homelessness as well as evidenced based practices that will enhance service delivery. (Partially completed and ongoing)