Joseph’s Home mourns passing of Sister Theresa Bontempo

Sr. Theresa Bontempo, CSA and Sr. Marian Durkin, CSA

Sr. Theresa Bontempo, CSA (legft) and Sr. Marian Durkin, CSA (right) at the 2015 Perseverance in Hope Luncheon

Joseph’s Home extends our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Sister Theresa Bontempo, C.S.A.. Sister Theresa was a member of The Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine “Dream Team,” whose vision and efforts led to the founding of Joseph’s Home. We are deeply saddened by the passing of Sister Theresa on Friday, April 3.

“While this is an incredibly stressful time for all of us—especially those of us who work in environments where we can be at risk and where we serve people at high risk of COVID-19.  I feel very grateful to Sr. Theresa and the rest of the Dream Team for having the foresight and the courage to create a new idea—helping medically-compromised men without housing both recuperate and regain their housing.  They knew then, before many others realized it, that housing is healthcare.  The work we have the privilege of doing could not be more important than in this moment. We are on the front lines and making a difference, but we can—thanks to visionary Religious like Sr. Theresa.” said Beth Graham, Executive Director of Joseph’s Home.

It’s obvious to all of us today that the seeds of hope have endured in the hearts of the many alumni and current residents of Joseph’s Home. But 20 years ago those seeds would have had nowhere to be planted if not for the efforts of Sister Theresa and the rest of the “Dream Team.” Sister Theresa will be dearly missed by all.